There are hundreds of asset managers in the investment industry that have the goal of helping investors succeed in reaching their goals. The IMEA is a community comprised of leading investment management firms. These leaders keep pace with the diverse demands of serving investors and advisors through numerous channels of their business.

There are a variety of perspectives and educational resources included below.

Active and Passive

Using Active, Passive & Smart Beta

Investors may be missing out on the strengths offered by both active and passive management, as well as the unique hybrid features of smart beta.

What is Strategic Beta?

Leveraging goals of both active and passive management, strategic beta may be an attractive alternative for investors seeking inexpensive, diversified equity exposure with market-beating potential.

Investing Outlooks

Investment Essentials

AMG Funds believes that informed investors make stronger decisions. Knowing more leads to a deeper understanding of how you can reach your financial goals. They have designed their Investment Essentials program to give you the basics on how to invest and what to think about. Click to learn.

Inflation -- and Why It Matters to Investors

Everything about investing changes in an inflationary environment. Charlie Bobrinskoy explains why investors should care about the implications of rising inflation. For members of my generation, inflation has also been a force that casts an enormous shadow over our investment decisions. When I was young, inflation may well have been THE most important investment factor.

Building Arks: Preparing Your Portfolio for a Down Market

After enjoying the longest bull market run, investors may find it easy to overlook the fact that markets can also go down. As new economic challenges emerge, some of the gains you may have earned during the bull market could quickly vanish if we enter a down market. That›s why this may be an ideal time to consider investment strategies designed to mitigate your losses in a down market. Below, we›ve laid out a handful of strategies that you may find helpful.

Income and Retirement

Retirement | Considering an Active Fixed-income Investment Strategy

Nuveen shares ways in which actively managed fixed income investments have greater potential for outperformance in comparison to their passive counterparts.

NEW Survey: Taking the Pulse of Investors

Pulling from six years of data, including the 17,000 investors surveyed in 2018, Legg Mason captures the investor sentiment toward today›s market, as well as their preparation strategies for retirement.

LEARN | The Three Tiers of Retirement Income

The Three Tiers of Retirement Income is a simple, yet powerful, tool Janus Henderson created to help investors allocate money to generate the cash flow they need.


The 101 on Charitable Giving

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may consider making donations to a charitable organization. But did you know this allows for tax benefits? Fidelity lays the groundwork for thoughtfully getting started.

Equities Advice & Outlook

American Century touches on rising rates, corporate America, tax reform and the consumer sector.

Tax Reform & the Muni Market

How might the new tax law affect supply and demand in the market?


About REITs

Cohen & Steers gives deep insight on REITS. What they are, rules to follow, how they came to be, and more! Click to read

Natixis Helps Makes Sense of ESG's

Sustainable investment strategies are receiving ever-wider acceptance. Take a closer look at the current and future state of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, the metrics that matter, and growth outlook.

The Scoop on Money-borrowing

Whether it is a mortgage, student loan or credit card, it's critical to know the impact of any debt you're considering introducing to your financial portfolio.