There are hundreds of asset managers in the investment industry that have the goal of helping investors succeed in reaching their goals. The IMEA is a community comprised of leading investment management firms. These leaders keep pace with the diverse demands of serving investors and advisors through numerous channels of their business.

There are a variety of perspectives and educational resources included below.

Investing Outlooks

4th Quarter Market Update

Room to Run | The case for cautious optimism in an uncertain market.

4 Part Video Series

Did you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of a mutual fund? Binge watch Saturna's 4 part video series on How Mutual Funds Work.

Investing 101 | Investing Basics

It's never too soon to start thinking about investing. Investing means putting your money to work earning more money. Done wisely, it can help you meet your financial goals. Click to read more.


Traditional or Roth IRA, or both?

Traditional and Roth IRAs offer different benefits—but both can make sense. It's a common question. Learn what might be best for you here.

Benefits of Roth IRAs Go Well Beyond Retirement

Roth IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) are often touted for their tax-advantaged retirement savings benefits, but your Roth IRA can serve as a handy financial resource well beyond retirement savings. Click to learn more.

Income and Retirement

Individual Retirement Plans

Saturna Capital helps walk through the importance of individual retirement plans and the differences between them. Click to take a closer look.

Reality Check: Will You Have Enough to Spend in Retirement?

After years of hard work and deferred gratification, you›re finally looking forward to a fulfilling retirement. And you have some big plans. You now have the time to enjoy the good life that you may have had to (mostly) put off during your career. The question is: will you have enough money to live out those golden dreams?

Retirement | Considering an Active Fixed-income Investment Strategy

Nuveen shares ways in which actively managed fixed income investments have greater potential for outperformance in comparison to their passive counterparts.


The 101 on Charitable Giving

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may consider making donations to a charitable organization. But did you know this allows for tax benefits? Fidelity lays the groundwork for thoughtfully getting started.

Equities Advice & Outlook

American Century touches on rising rates, corporate America, tax reform and the consumer sector.

Tax Reform & the Muni Market

How might the new tax law affect supply and demand in the market?


529 Plans: Time to Get Educated

529 myth: “If my child doesn't go to college, I'll lose the money.” Read on to get the facts.

Global Fixed Income Compass

Quarterly insight from our fixed income teams to help clients navigate the markets and opportunities ahead. Watch Now:

College Savings: How and When to Save

Are you saving enough for your child's education? Check with Columbia Threadneedle's simple calculators.